About Us

We are located in Bunnlevel NC not far from Raleigh and Fort Bragg. We do ship hatching eggs but currently we do not ship chicks or older birds. 

We currently raise Rex rabbits with an emphasis on tri colors. We also raise Tennesee Redback rabbits for dog training. 

Our current variety of chickens include Black Copper Marans, Cream Legbars, Tolbunt Polish and Olive Eggers. We will occasionally have Mottled Duccle, Birchen Modern Game Bantams and a variety of Silkies. 

We also raise Jumbo Brown Coturnix, Georgia Giant Bob Whites, Jumbo Ringnecked Pheasant and Red Golden Pheasant. 

WE ARE ON FACEBOOK! For the fastest way to contact us and to see our most up to date pictures and availability please visit our facebook page.